*) The Algorithms page displays correctly on the screen, but earlier versions of Netscape could not print it correctly (when choosing Print from the File menu) - in Fig. 6, Netscape 3 and 4 were both leaving out six lines, and shortened another line. And Netscape 3 also printed other pieces of the text twice. Netscape 4.5 is finally able to print the whole page correctly. Internet Explorer (from version 3 up) printed correctly the whole page.

There seem to be no errors in my page, as Netscape is usually more forgiving about HTML and or JavaScript errors than IE. But not always: If the closing </frameset> tag is missing, IE happily displays the frame set, whereas Netscape fails completely and produces a blank window. Even Netscape 4.76 still has problems with printing e.g. this page, in which it ignores the <pre> </pre> tags during printing. But Mozilla 1.0 RC3 is doing fine!