Tower of Hanoi (TH) on the Web

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What can be found on the Web:

This list of pages and sites related to the Tower of Hanoi was started in February 1998, and occassionally updated since then.
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First, a few other people also used JavaScript for online TH, for mostly up to 10 disks:

Then there is a nice Internet Explorer ActiveX version:

However, most of the online TH puzzles are written in Java, which allows more flexibility than JavaScript (even so, many of them can handle only small numbers of disks - few go beyond 8 disks):

One can also find a few places with TH in the multimedia Shockware (3 to 7 disks):

And at least three places are using the CGI script approach:

Using ML, it is possible to write the TH puzzle in plain HTML:

A 3D version of the same can be realized in VRML:

Or animated GIFs are used to demonstrate the solution:

On the Web there are also many TH codes that are not online:

You can also

or make your own cardboard TH puzzle from the browser printout:

TH is a favourite assignment for the recursive-function section of the computer science courses:

Ou des courses informatiques:

An item on the TH can be found in an online mathematics encyclopedia:

And several more in the Graph of all possible positions (with lines connecting two positions that differ by a single move) will the more approximate the fractal triangular shape of Sierpinski's gasket, the more disks: Another one discusses the relation between the Hamiltonian path that visits exactly once every corner of a hypercube and the winning strategy in the puzzle of TH One can download several TH papers including an extensive (over 200 references) scholarly TH bibliography by

TH can also be found among the high school projects:

TH in a Course on Thinking psychology:

TH used as benchmarks of the recursive function capabilities:

Also my own nonrecursive into a benchmarking exercise in a sense.

Finally, there are humorous "other" solutions to the TH puzzle:

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