Tower of Hanoi (TH) Puzzle

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Tower of Hanoi puzzles, online, in JavaScript:
(They still work much better in Netscape 4.7+ than in IE 5+; try e.g. 50 disks, or a short delay)
  • Play here - paint the disks in quite an arbitrary manner and discover which coloring scheme helps best in finding the solution. Number of disks is limited only by the browser limits and the size of your screen (usually all 3 towers with up to over 100 disks could be squeezed on the screen). Also automatic demonstration of the solution (Algorithm no. 1, see below). Uses GIFs.
  • Older version - using recursion for the automatic solution; buttons.
  • Visualization of the cyclic "movement" of the "even-top" peg - Schoute's coloring; automatic only (Algorithm no. 4); GIFs.

Tower of Hanoi algorithms:
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